Living Along Northern Ohio's Islands, Rivers and Shores

Multiple Listing Services, or M.L.S. in Ohio

The Basics Let’s start with what a Multiple Listing Service, or M.L.S. is. The MLS is a powerful tool in... Read More

Lee Hisey, Realtor

How to declutter and depersonalize your home for sale

Congratulations on making the decision to sell your home. You couldn’t have chosen a better real estate market in which... Read More

Lee Hisey, Realtor

Top 5 ways to lose money on your Ohio home sale

It doesn’t take much to turn off buyers. Right now, however, there are so many in the Northern Ohio market,... Read More

Lee Hisey, Realtor

Things to do on Middle Bass Island, Ohio

One of Lake Erie’s Hidden Gems, An Affordable Island Alternative Where is Middle Bass Island, Ohio and what is there... Read More

Lee Hisey, Realtor

Selling your Ohio home? Get ready for the legal paperwork

The home selling process is unlike any other. Sell a car and pretty much all you do is hand over... Read More

Lee Hisey, Realtor

Appraisal problems in a hot real estate market

Real estate markets aren’t static. But, when a market is as “hot” as the current one, it presents problems for... Read More

Lee Hisey, Realtor


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