Working remotely from home is believed to be a contributing factor to the increase in demand for vacation homes or second homes.

Many people are realizing that they are no longer tied to their “commuter time” and can work at least part of the time from a second home. Ohio’s vacation land is close enough to Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, and other workplace locations to allow for a quick trip back when needed!

When searching for that second home, make sure you have phone and internet service if needed. Is there a place you can use as an office space? Does your work have storage requirements, will ferry service work for you or do you need to be able to drive somewhere at a moments notice?

I work from my second home. Even if the hours are the same and the tasks are the same it somehow feels like a relief!

Lee Hisey

Is This the Time to Sell Your Second Home?

Demand for second homes is high and it is anticipated to continue. Why is now a great time to sell?

1. Ohio Vacation Homes, if Priced Correctly, are SELLING!

As of today the real estate market is hot in most of the country. That holds true for second homes as well as primary homes. The National Association of Realtors Stated:

In September, 68% of vacation homes sold in less than a month. Historically, about 30% sell that quickly…It’s a pretty amazing uptick compared to past years.”

2. Almost Universally Home Prices are Rising

Demand is very high, and second home real estate in Northern Ohio tends to increase even more starting in March. Increased Demand Usually Translates Into Higher Sales Prices:

“In the third quarter, prices in vacation-home counties rose by about 32% year over year. 


As of today, December 8th, interest rates are still very, very low from a historical perspective. Demand is up, and buyers are still looking – even with our winter temperatures. In Northern Ohio you want your vacation property to be listed and on the market by no later than March 1st when the market starts to heat up.


Low interest rates, high demand, and new interest due to a huge increase in working from home. Contact us today at 440-315-6000 or [email protected] to start your Ohio Vacation Land Home Search, or to sell your home. Free consultations.

Lee Hisey is a member of the National Association of Realtors, the Ohio Realtors Association, and his local board. We are striving to maintain professional standards across our industry.