To get the most value for your home, make sure you follow these simple tips!

Prepare Your Home for Showings

Your Buyer has probably already viewed your home online, multiple times. Over 95% of buyers have already been online looking at your home. They’ve viewed the virtual video tour, the 3D Interactive tour repeatedly, and gone through the description and vital statistics BEFORE scheduling a showing. At this point you can only disappoint them! The first impression when they walk in the door is everything.

Here are a list of suggestions to help you net that buyer.

The First Impression

  • Clean and tidy entrance – flowers and snow shoveled in season.
  • Have a functional doorbell – and one that isn’t cracked and filthy.
  • Put a shine on the door hardware, or give it a fresh coat of spray paint.
  • The front door can’t be chipped, dirty, or broken. Paint or replace!
  • The door should open, key shouldn’t stick, and lubricate so it doesn’t creak open with difficulty.
  • Plug-in air fresheners – great but only on the lower settings, no more than one per floor, every floor the same scent, and keep it a fragrance that isn’t too obnoxious.

Spic & Span

  • Shampoo carpet and get a second opinion on odor.
  • Clean washer, dryer and tubs so they shine.
  • Clean the fridge and stove, even if they are not included.
  • Clean the bathrooms, and make sure they smell nice.
  • Wash all windows & mirrors even if they aren’t part of the sale.
  • Clean heating/cooling vents, giving special attention to cold air returns.
  • Odor is a huge deal killer. Number one we hear is pet odor, and number two is smoking odor. Cleaning every surface, carpet cleaning with additives for that issue, and fresh paint will help. Keep on it throughout the selling process, and do not smoke in the house throughout the process. (reminder – cigarette butts are often overlooked by smokers, but never by non-smokers who are most of the buyers. Be vigilant.)

The Spacious Look

  • Clean stairs and hallways. Stairs are often overlooked.
  • Store excess furniture in a storage unit and not in the garage if possible.
  • Clear counters & stove. Take everything off of the refrigerator!
  • Organize closets and kitchen cabinets.
  • Would removing or opening drapes brighten the interior? Leave them open unless there is a less than wonderful view out of a window.
  • You want a good “flow” through the rooms. Move items that are blocking the way or make you walk around the room in an awkward pattern. Just because you are used to it doesn’t make it a good thing.
  • Not moving items to your new residence? Dispose or donate them NOW not later.
  • New electrical covers, switch plates, and even switches after new paint can make a huge difference, and can be relatively inexpensive. Remove and clean high-end plates and covers.

General Maintenance

  • No squeaky doors or floors. Get them fixed.
  • If it is part of the house tighten, straighten, repair!
  • Make sure all light bulbs are the brightest permitted, and have them all on prior to leaving for the showing.
  • Clean and repair windows. Yes buyers check. Replace any foggy, cracked, or broken windows and make sure all locks are functioning.
  • Repair plaster and repaint where needed. It helps with odor and appearance.
  • None of your faucets, drains, or toilets should be dripping. Fix them.
  • All caulking inside and out should be in good condition.
  • Exterior painting should be done, if required. FHA and VA inspections will on no chipped paint, and for repairs to be made inside and out so get ahead of the issue. Chipping paint is a huge negative.

Curb Appeal

  • Cut lawns more frequently and water as needed. If you don’t normally treat for weeds get a one time treatment a couple of weeks prior to putting your home on the market.
  • Trim shrubs, edge walks and mulch your flower beds. Fresh mulch of a neutral color, not red in Northern Ohio.
  • Pick up any litter daily.
  • Repair gutters and eaves and make sure they are clean.
  • Clear walks and drive of leaves and other debris.
  • Plow drive and salt sidewalks (if applicable). Pay special attention prior to open houses and when local events bring around out of town visitors.

Extra Little Tricks

  • Be absent during showings whenever possible. What you say can come back to bite you. Better to be absent and let us receive questions through their agent.
  • Turn on all lights prior to leaving for the showings.
  • Light the fireplace if you’ll be coming back. Ambiance is important.
  • Open drapes in the day time for natural light.
  • Background music is OK. Make it quiet, universal like light jazz or light classical.
  • Keep pets outdoors or take them with you, and add a reminder note that they are there for the agent if needed. Advise us so we can tell the other agent specifically where they are so there are no surprises. (quick reminder – pet odors are a quick deal killer)
  • A special touch: set the dining room table for dinner and flowers, even if high quality silk, are always a plus. No plastic flowers please!!

Contact me today, Lee Hisey, to start the process of selling your Northern Ohio home! Phone/Text me at 440-315-6000. I’m happy to walk through for free to give you my honest opinion and suggestions.