Should you have drone and video footage in your home’s marketing program?  Absolutely! Increasingly it is expected to be a part of the program.  People want to see where it is in relation to the neighborhood, how it sits on the lot, and it also gives them a good look at the trees and roof situation.  If you are in a development it will help give a buyer perspective regarding how it sits and where it is in relation to other homes and sometimes amenities. ALWAYS ask the agent if they are hiring an insured and licensed commercial drone pilot.  Why?  Because while they may only be fined up to $1,100 for flying without a license you can be fined $11,000 for hiring them.  Really! See following response to a question asked on at [email protected]:

Rule of thumb should be to ask to see their license, check the dates on it, and ask for verification of insurance.  I have my commercial drone license and I pay for insurance per flight.  I am able to email the home owner.  If they aren’t able to do either one then you are taking a huge risk. Fines are only part of the risk.  What happens when the drone hits a person, window, car, or boat.  You can also be held responsible along with your hired pilot.  If you hired the agent then you hired the pilot. Protect your self and others.  Ensure you have a trained and insured drone pilot. For questions a good website is: Contact me today to list and market your Northern Ohio home!  I or a member of my team will be happy to walk you through the process, and we will include a full tour to include drone photos and video where legal.