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We have some wonderful riverfront homes in our Northern Ohio region. They should be marketed to show the buyer the intimate relationship the home has with the water. We include the unique sound in the description. We ask the seller to provide us with pictures of the river during it’s various seasonal changes, and we include drone photos and video to show it from every possible angle in relation to the home we are listing.

Vermilion Ohio Condominiums
Condominiums along Ohio’s Vermilion River

Your riverfront home should be included on websites and we include our riverfront listings in several premium websites to include and

Ohio Rivers, Creeks in our market area (Northern Central Ohio) that lead into Lake Erie and Sandusky Bay:

  • Black River
  • Cuyahoga River
  • Huron River
  • Portage River
  • Rocky River
  • Sandusky River
  • Toussaint River
  • Vermilion River
  • Beaver Creek
  • Cahoon Creek
  • Chappel Creek
  • Cranberry Creek
  • Cold Creek
  • Darby Creek
  • Doan Brook
  • Green Creek
  • Hemming Ditch
  • Little Portage River
  • Martin Run
  • Mills Creek
  • Old Woman Creek
  • Pickerel Creek
  • Pipe Creek
  • Porter Creek
  • Plum Brook
  • Racoon Creek
  • Sawmill Creek
  • Sperry Creek
  • Sugar Creek
  • Quarry Creek

Many other ditches and channels exist that are positive features within communities and that ultimately lead to Lake Erie and Sandusky Bay.

I hope you will list with us, but if you don’t and you are paying a competitive commission then make sure your agent provides you with a 3D tour that includes 360 degree photos and views of the waterfront from inside the house and the balcony/porch/deck! You should have drone photos and video paid for by the agent – not you. You are paying a commission when it sells so get you money’s worth!

Contact me today to list your waterfront home at 440-315-6000, and let’s start the process. Waterfronts are unique in Ohio and you should make the most of that unique and special property feature.