Technology has the potential to make our homes amazing!

  • Living with memory issues at home longer.
  • More adaptions for physical disabilities.
  • “Green Homes” – Energy conservation.
  • Less food waste.
  • Better inventory control.
  • Improved time management.
  • Improved communication.
  • The possibilities are endless!

Check out these videos:

Some actual research – imagine what this could do within a home setting.
A little fantasy about the “future home”. Amazing possibilities. (irritating music I’m afraid)

Homes of the future are already here in many ways! I know I listen to customized news through my Alexa or smart speaker every morning. I also make telephone calls through my Alexa as well as utilizing numerous other functions. And that is just one of the many options currently available.

What systems do you currently use? Do you have an integrated home with security, lights, music, news, tv, thermostat and other systems already integrated?

Many homes coming on the market are already set-up with smart home technology. Is that a feature you would be interested in? Are you including those features in your new construction project?

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