For many boat lovers a boathouse is the ultimate dream. You can walk downstairs, enter your “boat garage”, jump in your boat and hit the garage door opener. Pull out of your home and off you go. You are boating in minutes, and your boat is sheltered. When winter comes you simply lift your boat out of the water within your boathouse. Need to handle some cleaning or mechanical issues? The lift is part of the structure so you can work on your boat at any time, with your tools in the “boat garage”.

Purchasing a boathouse in Northern Ohio can be tricky. There are boathouses and then there are boathouses! Also Houseboats are a completely different type of home, and there are some in the MLS that are designed as actual seasonal homes. These are not boathouses – but are still really cool alternatives for some people.

As of this writing there are 11 homes with a boat house listed for sale in the NEOHREX Multiple Listing Service, our areas largest MLS. They are almost all homes that have some type of separate or detached shelter for a boat. Most of them are open with just a roof, although some have living space, entertaining space, and full shelter for boats.

A boathouse neighborhood in Sandusky, Ohio.

As of today there are four full boathouses currently listed in the small Firelands MLS that covers Ohio’s “Vacation Land” that includes Sandusky, Ohio, the Lake Erie Islands, Catawba, Port Clinton, Marblehead and surrounding areas. These have what could be considered actual boat garages where you pull into a garage type situation, tie off your boat and close the door. Your house is above or attached to your boat’s shelter. It is part of your home.

BarbeeAnne / Pixabay: Example of a very old historic boathouse.

If you are considering a boathouse/boat house give us a call. I’d love to set you up on an auto-search so you can see all current and future listings. The Sandusky area has the largest number of boat houses available, with thriving neighborhoods of boat lovers who want to spend the maximum time on Ohio’s islands, rivers and shores.

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Boathouse living in Ohio.

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